Classical Conditioning in Movies: Mind Control

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Classical conditioning pairs a non-traditional stimulus with a bodily reaction. In the movie theater, as we associate with the protagonist, we experience the same emotions and hormonal release as if we actually were living the same events- but at a reduced level.

In movies, during specific times of desperation, and at which time salvation comes not from the protagonist, but from a source external to the hero or heroine, the number 32 or 322 is visually displayed or else audibly heard immediately prior to, or during that scene.

Following is a list of some I have written down over the years:

List of 32’s and 322’s

If you find others, please post a comment below. Thank you.

1. Truman (Jim Carrey): Truman lives in a fabricated world. Everything he thinks is real has been carefully controlled. One day, Truman begins to think that something is wrong. He attempts to cross the only bridge off the island (really a massive stage). To do this, Truman must take a bus. As he approaches the bus, the bus number appears: 327. However, when Truman boards the bus, the driver strips out all the gears one by one. As he does this, the screen shows Truman’s view looking up the bus aisle. The bus number is again visible. Though it should be in reverse from this angle behind the glass, it is not. And, the «7» is cut off at screen right. All that appears in the upper right of the screen is «32».

2. National Treasure: Declaration of Independence is stolen. But, as security seek hero, he is stopped by clerk who thinks the Declaration he has is a copy sold in the souvenir shop. He must pay the clerk. He searches his pockets, and pulls out $32.57.

3. National Treasure: In the Centennial Bell Tower, the assistant, who produced the idea to save the hero, yells, «It’s three twenty-two, my idea.» The time is 3:22 when the sun casts a specific shadow.

4. Executive Decision with Steven Seagull: a stealth fighter attaches to the hijacked plane. Then, men board. At the critical time of boarding, one man begins to yell, «3-2-0! 3-2-0!»

5. Hudson Hawk: As two old friends rob a museum, they chose a song by which to time their job and exit. The song is 5:32 long.

6. (1976) Midway: When the Americans finally locate the Japanese Navy, the enemy fleet is at bearing 3-2-0.

7. Click! with Adam Sandler: Just before he learns the truth about the remote, the time on the clock is 2:32.

8. Killer Pad: In beginning of show, a car drives up with license plate which includes 322. In the house is a portal to Hell.

9. Ocean’s 13: At the end of the movie, the check handed to the casino owner is for tens of millions of dollars, and 32 cents. The man holds power of life or death for them, and 32 is put on screen.

10. Shawshank Redemption: «Red», who helps Andy, wears shirt number 30265. (The subconscious ignores zeros). When Tommy enters the prison, and brings information about a confession from the man who really murdered Andy’s wife (and Andy would be freed),, Tommy’s number begins with 32. Again, at the end, when the postcard arrives from Andy’s crossing point in Texas to freedom in Mexico, the zip code is 302xx.

Red’s prisoner number, as well as Tommy’s number began with 302 and 324, respectively. | Source Source 11. Love and Basketball: The main player is #32.

12. Enemy of the State with Will Smith: When the girl finally tells Will Smith about «Brill», a drop is made- behind seat number 32. See: Smith is in trouble. The girl (outside source, not the hero) has the answer, has the solution.

13. Remember the Titans: After the white police officer treats the black football player with respect in a town known for racism, the black player crosses the street to Geary’s house. 322 is on the post.

Who is Behind 322?

Groups into Personal Power, idol worship, and Satanism use 32 and 322. More Movies to find Brainwashing 32’s in:

14. Conspiracy Theory: The hospital room from which Mel Gibson escapes is Room #322.

15. Supernova: Distance to rogue moon with distress call is 3. 432 light years from rescue vessel. (distress + rescue + 32)

16. Supernova: Cell holding suspended pilot is #A32.

17. The Brothers Solomon: While sky banner flies overhead with note looking for missing Jenny, Dean and John stand in front of Building 6322. Banner says, «Jeanine, Look at the sky!»

18. Armageddon: While miners are on the asteroid, the asteroid spins on an axis of 32 degrees off axis. But, this shifts, endangering them.

19. Walking Tall: Lone Justice: Protection vehicle plates end in …32. Police inside are killed to get to witness.

20. U-571: After their own ship sinks, an American crew takes U-571 German submarine, only to be attacked by German supply submarine. In frantic scramble to learn the controls of new German submarine, sailor reads bearing, «Now passing three-two-zero, 320»

21. Terminator I: Schwarzenegger enters gun shop, kills owner and takes guns. Shop address is 14329. The address of the first Sarah Conner killed is 14239. (Note: Kyle Reese has a bar code, not a chip.)

22. Sudden Death with Jean Claude Van Damme: Agent Hallmark talks with hostage taker, then says to associate, «He knows too much.» While hockey player #32 skates on screen behind him. 2nd: McCord talks with Hallmark, then #32 from the other team is shown.

23. The Cowboy Way with Woody Harrelson: Nacho gets the phone number for the man who brought his daughter out of Cuba. It is 555-212-4320.

24. The One with Jet Li: when agent Jason opens the worm hole predictor, there are 32 seconds remaining.

25. Star Trek (May 8, 2009 release): When Romulans attack, shield strength falls to 32%.

26. Fled (Laurence Fishburne & Alec Baldwin) Near end of movie, trolley at Stone Mountain, voice over of a «tour conductor» says the park is 3200 square feet (sic, miles?). Note: Stone Mountain is where the KKK used to meet to conduct ceremonies.

George Bush, Senior, #42— a face behind 322

Bush Senior is left of clock. Note the Skull & Bones insignia on the table, center. 322 is below the icon. Who is Behind the Number 32?

I have been aware of this since 1995. I have been seeking to know who is behind it. I have found these groups:

Freemasons: They have 32 degrees. This is the official number. Beyond this, there are more degrees offered to those who are willing to sign a document acknowledging that «the Grand Architect» they worship is actually Satan.

Sorcerers: They believe that 32 is a transition from mundane to spiritual and powerful. For example, the anthropologist Carlos Castaneda studied for years with a brujo (sorcerer) named Don Juan, who called himself a descendent of the ancient Toltecs. One spell the brujos use, Don Juan taught him, is to take 32 kernels of corn and, after performing a ritual on the kernels, lay them out in the path of an enemy. If the enemy steps on one, he dies.

Jesuits: In photos of ceremonies, they have a large 32 on their bibs.

A Satanic Ritual: When praying for the Lord to show me what 322 represents, a member of posted an explanation that the main satanic ritual consists of three major portions and 22 smaller parts. This is 3 major and 22 minor parts, or 3-22.

Skull & Bones: These people keep the 322 on their crest. They believe that power can be derived from possessing the bones of great men. Just as a man was killed and fell on the bones of Elijah- only to spring back to life when he hit the bones, these men grave rob and steal bones. A group from Mexico claims the Yale campus group hired a grave robber and now hold the skull of Che Guevara.

Knights Templar: A predecessor to Freemasons, they also have 32 degrees. Masons can worship any god they want. But, Templar Knights are limited to just worshiping the God of Abraham (by their own words, not mine.)

Buddha: «According to the Lakkhana Sutta of Digha Nikaya, the Buddha inherited exceptional features, such as the 32 major marks, as the result of his past meritorious deeds. The ethical reason for acquiring each physical feature is clearly explained in the Sutta.» (

Shriners: Shriners are actually selected from 32nd degree Freemasons. They have a multi-billion dollar fund which provides for their burn hospitals. A very small portion of what they raise each year also goes to help burned children. The rest funds cruise ship rentals, huge diamond rings they receive, and the beer festivals they conduct on the annual cruises (

32 and Classical Conditioning

Carlos Casteneda was a UCLA anthropologist who recorded in one of his books that sorcerers use 32 kernels of corn to make a powerful death spell against enemies. Note the left-eye only in the photo. | Source Carlos Casteneda and 32

In his books, Casteneda mentioned 32 twice. The first reference was in instructions from his «Toltec» teacher on how to kill an enemy with magic. The brujo used 32 kernels of corn in a spell. The corn was cast on a path the enemy walked. Once that enemy stepped on any of the 32 kernels, that person would die.

Castaneda asked about the use of 32 kernels, and not some other quantity. Don Juan Matos, the brujo (sorcerer) said that the number 32 is a barrier, a transition from mundane, everyday living to the supernatural.

Note in the photo that Castaneda clips his right eye out of the photo, leaving only the emphasized left eye exposed. This identifies him as a Satanist to others who know this code. The Book of Revelation (formerly titled The Apocalypse) foretells that the antichrist, who receives power from Satan is wounded in the head, but recovers, losing his right eye. This left eye is something many movies use in identifying an enemy leader.

Send me 32 & 322 sightings in Movies!

27. Hot Tub Time Machine: At end of movie, when characters return to home time, the address of John Cusack’s character is 32499. Before he left, he was married to Lilly, who left him and took the TV. When he returns, he has a great house and is married to a spontaneous woman he met in 1986 during the time displacement. (Note also that the idea of a wormhole, an interdimensional gateway is again shown to viewers in this movie.)

28. RED (Bruce Will, John Malkovich, 2010) When Willis’ character wakes, just before his house is attacked by a South African WET team, the time on the clock is 2:32.

29. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: When Witwicki and his friends arrive at the meat shop, I fully expected a 32. This is the standard scenario: They need something to continue in their path (a translator of ancient alien pictolanguage). The butcher shows them a video of finding the language, filmed in 1932.

30. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: When the group enters the military lab under the dam waters, there is a sign on the wall: Days since last accident: 322. Does it make any sense for such a sign to be in a top secret research lab?

32. The Next Three Days: A mother is arrested in front of her husband. After years of appeals, she will remain in prison with a life sentence. The husband plans to break her out. During his calculations of cash flow, he reduces the amount after expenses. Throughout it all, the cents remains: .32. When the ambulance takes the wife to the hospital, transported from prison, the ambulance is Pittsburgh 32. As one of the investigative detectives surveils the home of the husband, in the foreground is a parked car. The license plate ends in 32. In another scene, a different car also has plates ending in 32. Total, 32 was shown 5 times (if we don’t count a second appearance of the ambulance). I forgot the fifth incident.

33. Out of Sight (George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez): In prison, one man says «I’m number 32.» Clooney says, «Out of what, 20?»

34. Out of Sight (George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez): When J-Lo shows her driver’s license, the first numbers are 324…

35. Monsters vs. Aliens. This cartoon film takes place in the city where I lived: Modesto, California. When the President of the United States (voiced by Stephen Colbert) steps up before the giant alien orb, he plays the keyboard. As he plays, the keyboard digital window shows a red 32. A video for this one is posted at the bottom. Notice also the satanic horns flashed at 0:52. Note also that Colbert published «I AM America». The «I AM» is used by high level masons and satanists; It is the first line on Colbert’s book cover.

36. Mission Impossible III (Tom Cruise) Several 32’s are packed between 10:07 and 10:52 of the DVD I rented. 1. Ethan Hunt’s ID number: 02-32102. 2. When Davian is shown, the number directly over his head is OP 3 — 203 (The 3-2 remains highlighted as it is always backlit against a black suit in the scene behind where the numbers have been placed. The last two digits fade out in front of lighter backdrop.) 3. When the vehicle is shown, in the lower right of the screen appears «SATIILOC1-3221-98». This does not change. 4. In the upper right is LCRD-732. Next is 733, as if these might be image numbers. 5. @ 10:52 is L. STICKEL Profile N32-1. That is 5 32’s or 322’s in 45 seconds.

37. Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassin’s Ball: When the CIA agent is removed by van to Chicago, the time of departure is posted in the lower left of the screen: 3:02. The elements of the conditioning are very obvious in this instance: The wheelchair bound agent depends on the other agents to protect him. He cannot do it alone against the group of different assassins coming to kill him. Inside the van, in conversation, the wheelchair agent, Weed, mentions that the leader of the op has a promising career, as he is just 32 and already in charge. (I removed the DVD shortly after this… it is a crude movie.)

38. The Adjustment Bureau: When David Norris’ friend and supporter phones him about a job offer, he tells him to use the official phone. Norris (Matt Damon) repeats the number back to him. It ends in -3227.

39. Dreamscape: When Charlie Prince meets at the Village Pub, he hands him his book. The book, titled Stab, is quickly turned over to the back cover, which reads, «32 Weeks on the Bestseller List» It then lists three bullet points: *an ancient knife *an ancient curse *a modern reign of terror. (Note: release date August 15, 1984- before terrorism became a daily news item and political lever.)

40. Season of the Witch: In the opening minutes, the two main characters fight in several Crusades. The very first battle takes place in 1332 A.D. This number is displayed prominently. Note also in these scenes how Christ and Christians are blamed for the Crusades and murder of innocents. In truth, the Crusades were the work of Rome.

Clip from Season of the Witch: There were not even Crusades during this time! A campaign of naval attacks on Muslims began this year. But, there were no land campaigns, as the movie suggests. The ticket price signals other SSS to support the event and the candidate. | Source 41. In a preview for the movie Columbiana, the opening scene pans over a sign for Uncle Larry’s (a real establishment in Metairie, Louisiana). The address on the bottom of the sign is 3220 Edenborn Avenue.

42. In The Killing Jar, at just 6:30(ish) into the movie, a young photographer films the waitress. He says, «You know, Norine, you’re pretty hot for an old broad.» From behind a frown, she replies, «I’m 32.»

43. In the opening cockpit scene of the cult favorite Airplane, the navigator asks for a «…vector, over.» Pilot Over says, «Huh?» Then the tower responds «Your vector is 3 — 2 — 4.»

44. Where the Red Fern Grows: When Billy is wondering how he will acquire some «coon hounds» of his own, he finds a catalog sitting on the trail side near the top of the bank of a creek. It is open to a page with an advertisement: «Registered Redbone Coon Hounds» is the title. The address is given immediately below: «Box 32 Midville, Kentucky». So again, the main character is desperate, and does not see the means himself, but receives the required help from an outside source.

45. HEROES -In episode 2, the blonde girl who has a violent doppelganger following her in mirrors, receives a new convertible supernaturally. In the trunk are the two dead men who had arrived to beat her into the hospital just a little more than 4 hours previous. The license plates on the car is 329 OCX. Home addresses and license plates are very easy to change for a shoot. These are common.

In Season 1, episode 4, the last two cards of a losing hand are 3 and 2, or 32. Hiro freezes time and trades the losing hand for a full house, so that Ando wins.

Ando’s hand depends on the special powers of Hiro Nakamura to freeze time and trade card hands with another player. 46. J. EDGAR -As Edgar Hoover and Ms. Gandy his secretary review a pile of applications, he asks her how many applications they have reviewed. She says they have rejected 320. The applicants depend on an outside source- the review committee — to approve them and get them work at the FBI. It is also at this point in the movie that J. Edgar shows his desire to hire Tolsen, who is also portrayed as being gay in this movie.

47. Varsity Blues: Play called is «32», «32» on the play where Lance gets hit after Billy Bob passes out.

48. White Collar: In Season 1, Episode 1, starting at 3:10 into the episode, a safe cracker begins turning the dial of a safe while listening for the tumblers to fall. As he turns first left, then right, then left again, he calls out the numbers: «3… 2… 4». The lead agent on the scene yells, «Wait!» But, the cracker opens the door and an explosive detonates, destroying the evidence inside. The lead agent tells the other men, «Look at your phones. 324 spells FBI.»

According to this phone code, I looked at the possible 3- letter acronyms that also form 3-2-2 on the standard phone keypad. FAA and FCC are both 322 on a phone. These are the Federal Aviation Authority (controls most aircraft in the U.S.) and the the Federal Communications Commission (Controls television, radio, shortwave, cell phones, etc.)

49. White Collar: In Season 1, Episode 3, the texted pin code to transfer $250,000 is ****3324

Still More use of 32 & 322 in movies

50. The Last Lullaby: As the movie opens, the camera pans out from a man sitting awake in the dark of night. We see the time on the clock: 3:02.

51. Battleship 2012: In the opening scenes, a news reporter talks about the Beacon Project, which sends a signal to Planet G. The time on the screen is 9:32. When the John Paul Jones locates the enemy, they are at bearing 232.

52. Atlas Shrugged: In the opening scenes, as the state of the world is established, a news clip announces passage of the «fair price» act. Nay votes are 32.

Atlas Shrugged: a 32 in the opening scenes. 53. Transformers: Dark of the Moon: When Witwicki’s Datsun fails to start in front of the building of his girlfriend’s rich, handsome boss, he begins kicking the Datsun. The boss approaches the car and speaks to Witwicki, who responds, «Yeah, I’m about 32 percent complete with my restoration [of the Datsun].»

54. The Fifth Element: When the «perfect» woman, an alien, comes to save the earth, her ship is attacked. She is reconstituted from just a few living cells from her hand. Leelu (Milla Jovovich) jumps from a ledge to escape police. She crashes through the roof of Bruce Willis’ maglev taxicab. Leelu rapidly learns the language as she reads a poster appealing for aid to orphans, «Please help», it says. The number to call ends in 322. Note also that the number lacks one digit to be a 10-digit number.

55. Sphere (Dustin Hoffman, Samuel L. Jackson) A group of specially selected professionals working from the bottom of the ocean explores a discovered alien ship. Inside is a huge golden, shimmering sphere. The sphere enables those who enter it to manifest their thoughts- including their fears. A fear of jellyfish manifests a colony of aggressive siphonophores, which kill a member of the team. Nobody could help her. Immediately after this, the computer system is overtaken. A string of code numbers flies across the screen. 32 is dominant among them.

56. Looper (October, 2012) When the boy is exercising his brain on a very large Sudoku board, his mother asks him, «What number goes here?» The boy says, «32». Mom asks again, «What is 3 times 8?» Unmoved, the boy says, «32!» After a few tries, the boy gets furious, and mom locks herself in a massive safe. This is the first hint in the movie that the boy is dangerous when he’s angry. (Mom depends on someone else for her safety- the discretion of the boy. The 32 is associated with this event. Classical conditioning in it’s basic form.)

57. Bangkok Dangerous The combination to open a briefcase lock during a high-speed motorcycle chase through every type of avenue and obstacle: Joe gives the combination to Kong. It is xx-32-xx. The middle number is 32.

58. Recruit (Colin Ferril) Ferril is recruited to be a double agent. He believes he works for the CIA. His handler provides him a pass to enter an area he should otherwise not be able to enter. The number on the pass is 3-241.

59. Chuck: In Season 3, episode 17, with 32:22 remaining (Netflix streaming bar), John Casey is grilling Sarah Walker about her activities with double agent Daniel Shaw. Casey says, «On March 22nd, you and Shaw were off grid the whole day.»

60. At the opening of the vampire flick, Underworld:Awakening, a new reporting pops onscreen two times. She says first, «new races have been discovered on earth.» The second time, she says, «Martial law has been declared.» Both times, the clock in the lower right of the reporter’s screen shows 8:32.

61. Flyboys: As the Germans occupy the majority of the French and British air forces of World War I, a German blimp goes on a bombing run. The American volunteers must head out to attack the zeppelin. In the first image of the air battle, a close up of the zeppelin’s markings is shown on canvas stretched over the fuselage ribbing: L 32

Source 62. Kill Bill: When Black Mamba buys her ticket to Japan, the flight time is 5:32 p.m.

63. In the television series «Lost,» the number of people on flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles is 324. (Season 3, Episode 16, between 34:30 and 34:45)

64. In the television show «S.H.I.E.L.D.», some of the agents are injected with a serum called GH325. The serum was derived from the blood of alien beings. Later, when an enemy who was injected with GH325 kills a shield agent, the dead woman’s address is 932 Bernard Avenue. And, her ID number has a 32 in it as well.

65. In the movie, Revenge of the Sith, Anakin beheads Count Dooku. The scene is symbolic. Anakin holds two lightsabers: the blue saber of the true, natural organic crystals, and the red saber of the synthetic crystal of the Sith. The swords are crossed, as Anakin stands spiritually at the crossroads between good and evil. He obeys Palpatine and kills Dooku. Right after that, Anakin tells R2D2, «Activate elevator 3224.» This symbolizes that Anakin is now with the dark side- corrupted and intertwined with evil forces.

Ferril needs help to gain access. It comes from another person. Perfect timing for a 324 (which, ironically, is FBI on a phone keypad) 32 in Television shows

The use of 32 as an anchor for psychological classical conditioning is not unique to movies. This is also done in television series. Here is an example from Crossing Jordan:

Source Napoleon in one of his many paintings depicting him with hand inserted into vestment. This signaled to other Satanists that he was part of their team. Other secret society men would then enable such identified men as best they could. | Source General Rosecrans. Lincoln continually replaced generals- they were not doing as Lincoln ordered. Hmmm… perhaps they had their own agenda? Lincoln was not a member to the secret agenda. This photo says two things to those initiated into secret rites. First, the two generals are with them. Second, Lincoln isn’t. | Source The last pope, according to the words of Malachy. He is a Jesuit. Jesuits are Satanists. They created Communism, too. All the death behind Communism, the Crusades, and the 30 Years’ War can be credited to the Jesuits and the Catholic Empire. How is 32 Used by Those who Program it into Minds?

One way the 32 is used is as an identifier. The 32 identifies works of these secret societies to other members. This alerts them to support the 32-tagged project, bill, or candidate.

Examples in politics:

During the 2008 presidential primaries, the «war chest» fund raising totals were given for several of the candidates. The totals for both Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani were 322 million. Coincidentally, both men announced their candidacy on the 13th of the month. Romney announced on February 13th, 2007. Rudy Giuliani announced his running for president on November 13, 2006.

Just prior to the November 6, 2012 elections, polls announced an edge for Obama in the electoral college: 303-220.

During the campaign for California governor in 2010, a radio host mentioned some information he heard about Meg Whitman. She had, he said, «320,000 followers on Twitter». I checked to see if this was true for Whitman. In fact, the number was 132 thousand and something. The 32 was in her number, but not the number as stated.

Do not think this is the exclusive ground of the Republicans. When Obama gave his victory speech, he said, «Yes, We can» thirty-two times in his speech. When Obama forwarded the voting copy of Obama Care to Congress, it was House Resolution 3200.

One of the most famous Bonesmen is Averill Harriman. Harriman led the Council on Foreign Relations and is thought of as the «elder statesman of the Democratic Party.» (Jim Keith, The Encyclopedia of Mind Control.) Harriman, in addition to providing financial assistance to Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, served as an intelligence agent between the U.S. and Russia. The combination to the briefcase in which he carried secret documents: 322.

On March 2, 2011, I screen captured an advertisement from Liberty Mutual. The ad promised a savings of $322.06 for anyone who might switch.


When the President of Poland, Lech Kaczinsky, was killed at an airport in Russia, several sources announced the event saying that anywhere from 88 to 151 people were aboard. However, 파라오카지노 when Putin spoke on the issue, Putin announced that 322 people had died. The death of President Kaczinsky quickly faded to nothing in papers. President Kaczinsky was adamantly opposed to the New World Order, and refused to vaccinate his people in the false flag H1N1 scare shortly before he was killed.

False Flags:

At least two of the Moscow Metro bombings have used the number 32. The March 29, 2010 bombing occurred at 4:32 pm, or 1332 GMT. Again, on January 24, 2011, the purported mastermind of an attack on the Moscow Metro was 32 years-old. The official death toll from the March 29th (3-29) attack eventually became 36, 39, or 40, depending on the source. It was the immediate, initial report that claimed 32 deaths and 11 injuries.

The Oslo bombing of July 22, 2011 is credited to a Knight Templar, Anders Behring Breivik. He is reported to be 32 years-old. The bomb detonated at 3:26 p.m. Note: Christians prophesied at least three years ago that blonds would be used in false flag attacks. This would be used to justify treating non-Arab looking citizens the same as those who are more likely to commit acts of cowardly murder.

The age of mass murder shooters, who then kill themselves. Many of the school, mall, and other public place shootings are 32 years old. This may be true, or the media is just saying this is their age.

On Saturday, August 6th, 2011, at 3:22 a.m., an «unusual event» caused the Unit 2 nuclear reactor at Nine Mile Point in New York to be shut down.

The invasion of Libya began on March 19th. Some say that this is the day to worship the Roman goddess (demon) of war, Minerva. General Wesley Clarke has stated (on March 2, 2007 in a Democracy Now interview) that this invasion was planned «ten years in advance».

The invasion of Iraq began on March 19, 2004.

When Obama first entered the oval office, he deeply cut spending for missile defense. Shortly thereafter, the North Koreans tested a rocket, as they have done many times. This event was unique in two ways. First, the rocket went over mainland Japan. Second, Pyeonyang sent notice of the launch, something they had previously adamantly refused to do. The notice was issued at 0322 hours. After that, funding for the missile industry went back up.

While under attack, Planned Parenthood announced the number of abortions they performed: «According to its own fact sheet, Planned Parenthood performed 332,278 abortions in the United States in 2009.» Additionally, » In 2009 the organization reported receiving $363.2 million in federal grants and contracts» (, 26 August 2011).

Samsung, a South Korean electronics company, often shows the time 1:23, x:32, or 3:22 as the time on the face of Samsung phones in advertising photos. Additionally, they like to show March 22nd or March 23rd as the date on the screen. (Do a Google image search). [Note: 1:23 p.m. is also 1323 in military time.] (Note: I repeated the image search on August 2, 2012 and found zero incidences of this. Bizarre.) (Note2: I repeated this again on October 16, 2015. The great majority of phones now show 12:45 as the time.)

Cover up of Satanic Ritual Abuse: A website called «What’s the Harm in Fearing Satanic Ritual Abuse?» lists a long line of people who were convicted of SRA, then were set free, and sued those who prosecuted them. For some reason, many of them are listed as «March 22, 1984» despite the fact that the time frame for their trials and actions covers many years: website Something the Holy Spirit showed me many years ago is that many «cult suicides» are actually orchestrated by Satanists to conduct a massive offering to demons, but make it look like suicide. The deaths frequently occur around or on March 22nd, a 322 date.

Formation of the FBI On March 22, 1935 (3/22/1935), the Federal Bureau of Investigations was formed. Superstitious, the satanists like to initiate events on days auspicious to their thinking.

Passage of Key Legislation: HR 3200 was the original Obamacare package put up for vote. In California, SB 1322 is a bill to allow communists to use state school property to teach communism.

New World Order Activity: The 10 Commandments of the NWO have been erected in a place the Cherokee nation formerly called «the center of the world». The first commandment, written in six languages, states that the population of the world must be reduced to 500 million, and kept at that level. The stone construction is similar to Stonehenge. It was erected on March 22nd 1980 and is commonly known as the «Georgia Guidestones.»

The number of judicial appointments confirmed by George W. Bush in his presidency: 322.

The number of departments on 32

The amount of money collected by the William J. Clinton Foundation in 2010: $322 million. If an external, independent auditor came in to verify the books, and saw this number, he would make every effort to authenticate the accounting- disregarding any evidence he/she might find to the contrary.

The wreck of the Exxon Valdez on March 24, 1989 killed billions of salmon and invertebrate eggs, contributing to the global food shortage today.

March 22, 1995: Release date of the TV series Sliders. The show portends to describe alternate versions of Earth in a multiverse. The characters traverse dimensions using a wormhole, called an «Einstein Pulaski Rosen bridge» by Maximillian Arturo, one of the main characters. In this application, it is unclear whether this is a superstitious/auspicious timing, or if the 3-22 date is meant to signal other NWO Satanists to their long term plans.

For example, in Season 1, Episode 9, «Luck of the Draw», the society has population control and a world population of just 500 million. That is the population on the Georgia Guidestones.

March 23, 2013- The original date proposed in HR 3200 (Obamacare) for mandatory chipping of every American for health care purposes.

«3 o’clock in the morning, on the 22nd»- the time and date Napoleon claimed he would blow up the Kremlin before retreating back to France. He did, on October 22, 1812. Another secret sign of one Satanist to another is a hand inserted into the jacket.

Queen Elizabeth II has been Queen over exactly 32 nations.

March 20, 2013- The date North Korea cyber attacked South Korea, hitting more than 20,000 banks and news centers.

March 22, 1963 — the Beatles release their first full album, Please Please Me. The mainstream media lambasts a large group of ministers who call the music Satanic. However, 50 years later, we know the Beatles were in fact Satanists.

WBCR Channel 6 in Birmingham, AL: Their phone number is (205) 322-6666. It is a very interesting choice in phone numbers, is it not? I have found it interesting that the 322 prefix is available in almost every area code I’ve lived in.

By slipping a 32 into an ad, the seller activates the «fear and dependency on others» conditioned response. Jung’s conversations with demons, fairies, and other spirits- from which he formed many of his theories of psychology. A copy sells for $320. Carl Gustav Jung and Psychology

Psychology, despite disinformation in movies, is named for the Roman goddess of the mind, Psyche.

Carl G. Jung was a Grand Master Freemason of the Swiss Lodge. His pseudo-science of interpreting dreams without any kind of prayer serves Satan’s plan to replace God and gradually push God out of the picture.

Jung spoke with demons and other spirits, including the demons which resided within him. He used these conversations, as well as eastern religious practices, to produce his theories. He recorded his demon conversations in a large leather book, died red. It is titled «Libre Novus», using the word for «new» from «Novus Ordem Seclorum», or New World Order.

The book sells for $320.

Mind Control on Facebook

I have recently been noticing the number 32 in Facebook meme photos. The classical conditioning is the same: A 32 is paired with a sense of fear and/or a sense of desperation. Consider the ‘police state’ meme below.

The man’s facial expression is one of fear, defeat, sadness, desperation… it is in that neighborhood. When we view another’s expression, we feel, to a small degree, their emotions.

While someone looks at this face and experiences the emotion, a 32 hits the visual area of the brain. These two things become associated. Later, someone only needs to show the 32 to create the emotional response.

Binney graduated college in 1970 and later signed on with the NSA. He resigned Halloween, 2001. So, he actually worked 31 years and max. 5 months. NOT 32 years. So, what gives? Thought Conditioning in Movies

Simpsons- a popular venue for false flag forecasting

Simpsons: Apu holds M320 and says:

«celebrate the Independence of your country by blowing up a small part of it.»

Air date: May 19, 1996; show code = 3F22

(Note: There was a video clip. It has been pulled. I could not find another posted clip showing the scene.)


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sendingRafael Baxa

2 years ago

Great article! I’ve watched most of the movies and series you have mentioned, 파라오카지노; Read the Full Post, but never really paid much attention to the number.

James A Watkins

8 years ago from Chicago

Fascinating. I can tell you are really into this. I like numbers too but I stick with 3, 7, and 12. 😀


8 years ago

Ethan Hunt’s Agent-ID is 82-32102. You can see the number in the little camera movie about Musgrave’s order to begin of MI 3.